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Save on the LXRY Heat Mode Vest and LCD Power Bank bundle!

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Protect your eyes from smartphone blue light with our Reflect & Protect glasses

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Check out our new branded LXRY apparel!

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New leather bags in our Premium Totes & Backpacks collection!

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Our Story


We Absolutely love our gadgets and technology!

In fact, we all met standing out the front of the Apple store when they released the latest Apple Watch. We got talking in line about how far technology had come, but how crappy the accessories for the tech was, it was all either really cheap and tacky, or overpriced and tasteless, and simply - we thought we could do it better!

So thats when LXRY was born. 

We scoured the world to curate a tight range of products that we are proud to clothe and protect our gadgets in, and products that we are proud to tell our friends and family about, and proud to present to the world, here in our online store.

So we hope you enjoy our little business and use our accessories to protect and enhance your gadgets the same way we do.